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Humanity has been gambling sine time immemorial. Perhaps it is the nature of man to always want more, to always want to win a lot of money without working for it. Perhaps true gambling started out as a system of divination, to see if the Gods were favorable. These systems exist in many different forms, in Tarot, or runes, or tea leaves or reading bones. All of theses are ways to see if luck is on your side. And then people started laying bets to see if luck was on their side and thus came the age of casinos.

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When people lost their religion and started laying bets on seemingly arbitrary occurrences like bingo games, it was found that the usual games started to wear out pretty quickly. New games were invented, such as blackjack, craps , roulette and keno. Suddenly people everywhere were looking for ways to make a quick buck. At first these games were played on street corners and shadowy bars, but soon they evolved and made their way to the high society. Of course, the excitement of the games proved to irresistible, as the people who now gambled were not of course interested in money, since they had too much to begin with, but in the adrenaline rush of winning the jackpot.

However, there were always casino games that were always the domain of the plebeians. Such were slot machines. For a small amount of money the player can win very large sums of money. Poor people were willing to endure the tedium of such machines only for the chance at the jackpot.