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AFTER 26 years, gambling is transforming Atlantic City Pittsburgh Post Gazette - Pittsburgh,PA,USA Gambling palaces entertained tourists while locals lived in slums. But whether gambling was good for Atlantic City remains a point of contention.Proposal 1, the state ballot initiative that requires most new gambling proposals in Michigan to obtain voter approval, was approved 58 percent to 41 percent1 social ill, even more so than gambling and drugs. Teens regularly surf porn at the Internet cafes that serve China's 90 million online users.Of the 118 youngsters aged under 18, 16 per cent said that they have "secretly" tried gambling, while 43 per cent of 165 people aged between 18 and 25 admittedGilmartin emphasized that playing the Lottery is not gambling, and noted that hotlines for those with gambling problems are included on state Lottery brochures Officers, after a brief set of questions, decided he had no case to answer - their tip-off that Davies was running an illegal online gambling operation from.

You cannot simply declare a fatwa. In this case, SMS contests are a fairly new phenomenon and the council feels that it contains elements of gambling.But in the ads for Proposition 70, they are presented as innocent victims of "out-of-state gambling interests," and by "out-of-state" the Indians mean those.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Indianapolis said on Monday it would ask Indiana's General Assembly to approve electronic gambling devices similar to slot machines toCYPRUS is set to introduce online gambling and betting within the next couple of months, according to a group working closely with legislators.Of Gambling in Sport is demanding enforcement of the Penal Law Amendment (Prohibited Games, Lottery and Betting) Law (1964) against online gambling.By staff. Gambling company William Hill has unveiled its new online games for 2005. The most exiting development is virtual fruit.

FOR United States companies locked out of the lucrative global industry in Internet gambling, there is still money to be made - as long as they don't call it