New York’s Governor Supports Legalizing Gambling in the State

Recent gambling news has confirmed that when it comes to the legalization of gambling throughout the state of New York, the State’s Governor, Andrew Cuomo, is in complete agreement.

On the 3rd of February, New York’s Governor submitted a bill to overturn the ban on gambling that currently exists in the state to the Senate and House of Representatives.   Like many other US states, New York would like to see casinos legalized in terms of both online and offline gambling.

New York hopes to soon open up an official casino from which it believes the state will benefit, as the hope is to receive notable tax revenue funds from the casino establishments that are created.

It is strongly believed that due to the fact New York is visited by millions of tourists each year, by legalizing gambling and online blackjack casinos, hundreds of millions of dollars of clean tax profits could be made.  However, only time will tell if current gambling laws will be changed.