Lottery Scratchies available online in New Zealand

Recent changes in New Zealand allows citizens to buy online lottery scratchies.

Latest news in New Zealand are in the favor of gambling fans. Now, New Zealanders can purchase lottery scratchies online. It is known that online gambling is still prohibited in NZ. The government took no action so far to legalize online gambling, but the National Lottery Commission decided to make the announcement of selling Lottery tickets online.

Lotto tickets are already for sale in supermarkets and they have become very popular. According to the reports, over 900,000 online tickets are sold every Instant Kiwi scratchies are sold weekly in NZ and the gross payout reaches $1 million. This way, the commission decided to sell these tickets online, envisaging that the move will boost the figures. Lots of people will log on and purchase the tickets, which are available only in retail outlets.

The decision raised problems too. The Problem Gambling Foundation is totally against this change, militating against online gambling. The Foundation states that online gambling should remain prohibited in NZ, due to the negative effect it will have over the population, according to Graham Aitken, the spokesperson of the Problem Gambling Foundation.

The Foundation has made statements basing on a statistic showing that 40 gamblers from NZ reported problems due to online gambling. Things got worse and the number went up to 200. According to the Department of Internal Affairs and the Health Sponsorship Council, 71% of the gamblers come from poor areas and 135 of them splurged in online gambling, hoping to catch the big win.

Even the Problem Gambling Foundation admitted that the Instant Kiwi scratchies have become very popular in NZ and legalizing their online sale will make them even more popular. A bad thing in their opinion. This could lead to loss of control and financially ruining families.

According to the present facts, New Zealanders will be able to purchase these scratchies online in NZ, as the government doesn’t get involved to stop the initiative.