Quickfire Releases New Multi-Player Roulette

Quickfire is a software platform that allows online gambling operators to have some exciting games on their website. Many casino operators are using this platform as it lets them generate revenues without having to alter their range of games or their websites outlook. So operators can use the Quickfire platform to host online poker or slot games.

More than 160 games are offered by Quickfire and it also includes popular Microgaming slots. Quickfire recently introduced the multi-player roulette, which is getting wide recognition day by day. Bet3000 is the latest company to bag this Quickfire roulette game. Quickfire has announced that this game would be available for all its clients by the end of this year.

This multiplayer table is based on Premier roulette which is a top performer game. In this roulette game 4 players can play simultaneously and place bets in different time slots.

Ashley Sandyford-Sykes told that changes in online gaming are happening at a fast pace, due to the increasing player’s demands. Customer’s want more of community based games. He added that Quickfire’s latest game caters to this demand with the launch of the multi-player roulette. Player’s can enjoy this popular table game with other players in the confines of their home. It also gives out bonuses and has a live chat program to enhance player interaction. This is the first one among the series of multiplayer games that is going to be released by the company.